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JDM Scientific is the genuine Honda and Acura production-based, automotive performance center, technical/manufacturing facility and exclusive supplier for genuine JDM Performance Street-Race Programs. Located in Englishtown, NJ of the northeast US, JDMSCI specializes in test observation, data analysis, design and development of naturally aspired, tuned race engine-chassis combinations with full-street compatible options. JDMSCI offers its superior products and services with unlimited support to Honda / Acura production-based motorsports participants and daily driven enthusiasts, in addition to Genuine Honda OEM Parts, Accessories and Services.

Mission Statement

JDM Scientific is dedicated to providing the Honda / Acura motorsports racer and enthusiast with the natural, genuine tuning solution to obtaining superior form and function from the race employed, Honda / Acura production vehicle, adaptive to daily driven street operation.


JDM scientific and its tuning strategy was founded in 2004, but began offering its products and services in 2009. Consequent to a deep passion, tuning knowledge and understanding of other genuine Honda and Acura production-car owners, JDM Scientific set an innovative mission after recognizing its purpose. It was decided that JDMSCI would counter the standard performance myths that are disguised as beneficial sources. A long-term pursuit led to the development of a technologically advanced street-race program targeting the production-based motorsports industry. With the contribution and support through JDM Scientific's performance street-race program, the answer to the route you want to take is provided with a specific combination of performance components including cost for your current project status. JDM scientific also performs experienced maintenance/inspection, on-board diagnostic troubleshooting/repair, parts installation, fabrication and assembly per Honda/Acura OEM service procedures. JDMSCI additionally has the knowledge and capabilities to offer repairing solutions for improper DIY installations that can and cannot be diagnosed using the Honda/Acura dealer service manual procedures. Providing the most logically planned, performance tuning solutions, project advice, investment management, strategic options and technical support is part of JDMSCI’s superior products and excellent customer service.


From 1997 til 2004, I was practicing the same mistakes that performance enthusiasts, dyno tuners and shops presently continue to mistakenly perceive as performance enhancement and tuning. This practice involved the enthusiast’s long, drawn-out process of guess work and conclusions to purchase arbitrary parts for a piece-mailed engine build, prior to planning the final cost. After learning and seeing the unnecessary expenses of enthusiasts relying on multiple brands, sources for “custom work” and/or paying additional costs for their ECU program, I decided to put a halt to the trap of this creationist method. While the mainstream performance industry continued and currently continues to constitute tuning as starting and ending with the ECU program, JDMSCI finally altered its tuning strategy. Through the scientific method, JDMSCI had set the right path to form a genuine theory and a complete, tuning solution for the Honda performance community.

In 2004, JDM Scientific returned back to the drawing board and performed an experiment using an already assembled, bone stock, Honda production-based engine combination. Vital data was gathered from zero modifications, observations were made, and minimal, critical steps were taken to make the next prediction and adjustment. After critical observations and analysis of manually data logged street and track tests, JDM scientific had drawn a worthy prediction. JDM Scientific had set forth the mission to initiate and test its prediction of a potentially superior race tuned combination, adaptive to a reliable street-driven vehicle trim. A potential, hidden concept of a genuine combination of Honda OEM components, emphasized Honda’s power curve to increase a significant percentage of average power and torque output above the Type-R / Type-S production-based models. After numerous examples of the derivations illustrated in detail, JDM Scientific decided to start with a Honda OEM Base All-Motor Build.

In 2005, JDM Scientific launched the Honda OEM Base All-Motor Build. Unfortunately, due to past poor decisions and having acquired non-oem parts in the past, a set of aftermarket camshafts, valve-train and pistons were utilized instead of following JDM Scientific’s blue-printed long-block assembly of all Honda OEM parts and components. However, the “tuned-length/diameter” of the Honda OEM bolt-on combination worked together to “time the air”, yielding a slightly altered, yet predetermined curve. The greatest disadvantage to the experiment was using the aftermarket pistons that possessed an excessive static compression ratio, requiring the aftermarket stage 4 cam shafts to be used in an effort to tune with 93 octane. What common internet forums, “tuners” and performance myths would define as the “worst set-up”, JDMSCI securely pursued the project. The Honda OEM, “Base All-Motor Build” also incorporated the GS-R transmission, which has the longest and tallest gearing of VTEC transmissions. With 93 octane, JDM's used it's predominant Honda OEM Base All-Motor Build and GS-R gearing to shockingly match the mainstream’s “fully built” aftermarket engines with the same displacement, 103+ octane fuel and shorter gearing of the Type-R / Si transmission.

In 2006, JDM Scientific's 2000 Honda Civic Si, powered with it's Honda OEM Base All-Motor Build was finally put to a real world test, without ever hitting the over-rated car dyno. The power-plant consisted of the 2000 Civic Si’s PR3 (B16) cylinder head, bolted to a big-bore B18C block with an LS (89mm) crank shaft. While only being street tuned in partial throttle, JDM Scentific's 2000 Honda Civic Si powered with the Honda OEM All-motor Base Build was tested at the track during four test n’ tune sessions. The advancing results equated to a superior, under-ground performance break-through in Honda / Acura production car motorsports. Learn more about the all season tire bench mark, 2000 Civic Si Real Street N/A Test n’ Tune.

In 2007-2008, as opposed to adding more displacement to the Honda OEM Base All-Motor Build, JDMSCI had taken a step back, in an effort to move forward with less displacement. The theory behind the increased power output of the Honda OEM Base All-motor Build was taken, and applied to the B18C, K20A, F20 and H22.

In 2009, JDM scientific opened its automotive services and facility to fellow Honda and Acura production-car owners in addition to other manufactured vehicles. Without sacrificing Honda’s power curve characteristics or daily-driven, production-based status, JDM Scientific has also applied it’s tuning theory and foundation to the larger B20VTEC, B20VTEC stroker and K24A1 VTEC Killer engine power plants, in addition to other B-series, K-series, F-series and H-series engines.

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